FP Series Hydraulic Frame Presses for Window and Door Clamping

FP32.21 Hydraulic Frame Press for Window and Door Clamping
  • Specialized design enables precision corner squaring for frames and sashes.

  • Fast-squaring capability streamlines the clamping bottleneck in wood window and door production.

  • Customizable for pressing door & cabinet panels, scantlings, and arched windows.


The FP Frame Press Series is a heavy-duty, electrically powered hydraulic frame press for assembling and gluing of windows, doors, and other components with either open or closed tenon joints. The press is equipped with three or four vertical clamping beams with counterbalanced hydraulic pistons. The horizontal end clamping beam is also complete with hydraulic adjustable pistons, the top one is counterbalanced. The vertical clamping beams ball bearing movement design enables rapid and precise variable positioning with lever locking pins, allowing unhindered gluing of large and very small frames accurately and precisely. Our modular design enables you to customize your press to your specific needs with a full array of optional choices, for projects like non-rectangular frames, solid wood panels, and laminated scantlings.

Technical Specifications:

FP 32.21  – 3200 x 2100 mm working area (10.5 x 6.9 ft)

FP 40.26  – 4000 x 2600 mm working area (13.1 x 8.5) - Available as a Special Order.

  • Hydraulic pressure cylinders (1500 kgf piston pressure, 100 mm stroke)
    • FP 32.21: 3 vertical clamping beams
    • FP 40.26: 4 vertical clamping beams
      with 1 piston per clamping beam, with self-locking pins, counterweight on chain
  • 1 horizontal clamping beam with 2 pistons – top unit with counterweight on chain
  • 1HP (.75 kW) electrically operated central pump
  • Packing Dimensions:
    • FP 32.21: 4 x 1.1 x 2.2 m
    • FP 40.26: 4.8 x 1.1 x 2.2 m
  • Weight
    • FP 32.21: 1150 kg (2530 lbs)
    • FP 40.26: 1350 kg (2970 lbs)


  • Additional vertical beams, pistons, special dimensions
  • 2HP (1.5 kW) hydraulic pump for piston pressure of 2500 kgf    
  • Swivel shoes for tilted frames
  • 2 front hold-down units for edge glued panels and scantling laminations   
  • Set of nylon counterprofiled magnetic shoes for presquared components

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FP Series Hydraulic Frame Presses for Window and Door Clamping | Soukup America


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