FRAMER LINE Motorized Adjustable Width Framing & Panel Assembly Station

FRAMER LINE Motorized Adjustable Width Framing & Panel Assembly Station
  • Powerful motorized width adjustment enables production of wall, ceiling, and floor panels to any required width range.

  • Pneumatic clamps facilitate quick and accurate assembly of complete panels and wall cassettes.

  • Pneumatic pop-up rollers enable infeed and outfeed integration into a semi-automated prefabricated building production line.

  • Fully customizable in all dimensions to match the specs of your modular panel construction.


The Framer Line allows maximum customization with motorized width adjustment to produce wall, ceiling, or floor panels of variable widths of up to 4.26m or 14’.

Made from heavy steel, the Framer Line is ready to perform under the most demanding work conditions.


 Technical Specifications and System Benefits

  • Robust design for heavy industrial use.
  • Laser machined steel profiles
  • Working lengths available in 6m - 9m - 12m
  • Optional: Custom lengths and widths available to suit your production needs
  • Optional: Motorized steel belt conveyor system for easy movement of panels
  • Optional: Accessories available for atypical panels
  • 1+1 separately controlled tables for panel length up to 12 m
  • Ergonomically designed for easy movement and material handling
  • Integrated pneumatic pop-up rollers for optimal panel movement
  • High productivity - minimized down time
  • Laser machined steel profiles
  • Robust design for heavy industrial use

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