Custom Machinery for Off-Site Construction, and Window & Door Production

Soukup America is a machinery company specializing in Production Machinery for Windows & Doors and Flexible Equipment for Your Off-SIte Production. We combine years of practical experience building doors and windows with innovative technology and world-class project management to deliver effective solutions to our clients. With everything we do, we consider our clients' production goals in their entirety to execute a custom-tailored plan for sustained success.

Upcoming Events

December 2-3, 2020: IWBC Conference

Join us online for the 2020 Industrialized Wood-Based Construction (IWBC) Conference!

See how we can all progress forward in the prefab and modular industry at the IWBC Conference.

Building a new factory? Growing your production?

Soukup FRAMER Modular Fundamental Panel Assembly Table for Custom Wall Panel Construction

Did you know we are good at laying out a factory?

Contact us for a 1-on-1, or check us out at the Offsite Construction Expo!

See how we can help building your new factory or growing your capacity.

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