Custom Machinery for Off-Site Construction, and Window & Door Production

Soukup America is a machinery company specializing in Production Machinery for Windows & Doors and Flexible Equipment for Your Off-SIte Production. We combine years of practical experience building doors and windows with innovative technology and world-class project management to deliver effective solutions to our clients. With everything we do, we consider our clients' production goals in their entirety to execute a custom-tailored plan for sustained success.

Upcoming Events

Marc 23-24, 2022: BuildEx

Join us online for the 2022 BuildEx Vancouver in Vancouver BC Canada!

See how we can all progress forward in the construction industry at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.

Building a new factory? Growing your production?

Soukup FRAMER Modular Fundamental Panel Assembly Table for Custom Wall Panel Construction

Did you know we are good at laying out a factory?

Contact us! See how we can help building your new factory or growing your capacity.

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