Soukup Machines

Production Machinery for Windows & Doors

The Soukup America team has been designing innovative machines for solid wood joinery since 1996. Since the beginning, we have enabled our clients to scale up their production without compromising on craftsmanship. Soukup machinery offers superior production time compared to other methods of wood processing, while still being capable of meeting the highest standards of joinery and design detail.

Flexible Equipment for Your Off-Site Production

Soukup America is a proven partner for your off-site building production. Beyond our custom-engineered equipment, we assist with every aspect of production, from factory layout to long-term support on all your machinery. Financing is available for our full range of equipment.

Finishing Line

We're proud to announce the Crafter and Versa were honored with the top prize at the WOOD-TEC trade exhibition in Europe.

Woodtec Award 2017

Soukup America is a machinery company specializing in Production Machinery for Windows & Doors and Flexible Equipment for Your Off-SIte Production. We combine years of practical experience building doors and windows with innovative technology and world-class project management to deliver effective solutions to our clients. With everything we do, we consider our clients' production goals in their entirety to deliver a custom-tailored plan for sustained success.

We’re proud to be members of the Modular Building Association, supporting North American home manufacturers, build high-quality spaces better and more efficiently than ever before.

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We're helping Katerra push the boundaries of pre-framed housing assembly.


Soukup Factory

Our home production facility is located in Prague, Czech Republic.

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