FRAMER Modular Fundamental Panel Assembly Table for Custom Wall Panel Construction

This Framer Modular is a component-based framing & assembly table for off-site panel construction. This system is a perfect solution for those who like to “do it yourselves”. Engineered components are flat-packed and bolt-assembled to minimize transportation and installation costs while delivering a flexible, fully customized wall panel assembly station.

  • The Framer Modular is designed to deliver the best framing table solution for shops looking for efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility at an affordable budget.
  • This system is customizable and expandable, with kits of components and accessories allowing shops to build the worktable to suit their specific production needs.
  • This DIY delivery & assembly system optimizes an upfront investment through flexible options while offering the same robust, engineered panel assembling technology for which Soukup strives without compromise.
FRAMER Modular Assembly Table for Prefab Panels

The Framer Modular is supplied as a kit with optional accessories can be assembled in various configurations to support the production of:

  • Panel lengths at 6, 9.4, and 12.8 meters
  • Panel widths from 400 to 3000 mm. And with optional extensions, up to 3800 mm at a working height of 700mm.

The Framer Modular System comprises:

  • Expandable Supporting Frame Structure
  • Customizable Tabletop Elements
  • Framing and Assembly Accessories

Expandable Supporting Frame Structure

  • 6-meter Table Configuration: Consists of 2 End Modules
Soukup FRAMER Modular end modules
  • 9.4-meter Table Configuration: Consists of 2 End Modules + 1 Center Module
  • 12.8-meter Table Configuration: Consists of 2 End Modules + 2 Center Modules
Soukup FRAMER Modular end modules plus centerSoukup FRAMER Modular modules

DIY: Build your own supporting frame structure with KVH structural timber according to our instruction manual

Soukup FRAMER Modular DIY timber

Customizable Tabletop Elements

Crossbars and Fences

  • Steel Crossbar 3500 mm:
    Available slots for Pneumatic Clamps
    Required at every 1140mm
  • Reference Fence with 6 Pins:
    3000mm length with stop pins, creating a perpendicular working surface
  • C-Profile with 12 Adjustable Pins:
    3000mm length with adjustable stop pins for accurate floor and ceiling element assembly

Pneumatic Clamps

  • Movable units, each with its own pneumatic control and mechanical lock for anchoring 
  • A clamping stroke of 125 mm and a working force of 1200 N (6 bar)
  • Connected to an Air Pressure Regulation Unit, each distributor supports up to 3 pneumatic clamp units.

Tabletop Panels

  • Replaceable waterproof Plywood Panel mounted on a robust steel frame.
    Field Dimensions: 1000x3000 mm
  • Heavy Duty Steel Raster Board, enabling flexible clamping unit positions on the board, mounted on a robust steel frame
    Field dimensions: 1000x3000 mm x 8 mm thick plate
Soukup FRAMER Modular plywood panel and steel raster board

Framing and Assembly Accessories

  • Crossbar Beam Extension 800 mm
    Removeable Beam Extensions, allowing a total Crossbar length of 3800 mm for panels up to 3800 mm
  • Swivel Plate for Pneumatic Clamp
    Rotational clamping support for building sloped and angled panels
  • Stop for Raster Board
    Position adjustable pins providing flexible frame stops

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