SPECTRA Complete CNC for Window & Door Production

Soukup America SPECTRA 5 Axis CNC for Wood Window & Door Production
  • A specialized machining solution for CNC wood joinery and tenoning as well as milling, hardware pocketing, and drilling.

  • Ideal for arched, curved, and highly custom window & door designs.

  • Features mechanical hold-down workpiece clamping for extra stability and precision.


Our new SPECTRA is a multifunctional CNC working center which is capable of full machining for window and door components, as well as mortising, milling, and drilling. With the Spectra as the keystone processing machine of your production, you can achieve an ideal mix of freedom and speed in a knock-down production system. 

The SPECTRA’s robust machine construction, powerful drive units, intelligent user-friendly software and perfect ergonomics meet any window and door challenge you can dream up.

Working in Tandem with Angular Machining Center

Combining the SPECTRA with one of our other angular machining centers creates the ideal mix of speed, performance, and integration between machinery. While the angular center efficiently performs tenoning and profiling operations, the SPECTRA handles the detail work, doing drilling & mortising on muntin bars joints, hardware milling, hinge and lock pocketing and more. Its capability for arched parts greatly expands your design capacity. The machine's specialized hold-down system allows you to work pieces from both the top and bottom, greatly improving your processing times for routing operations.

Machine configuration:

  • 8/9.5 kW main electro spindle 
  • Fixed position for working aggregates in 90°
  • Multifunctional drilling head 
  • 2 horizontal milling units 
  • 3 working tables with 4 pneumatic clamps
  • 6 positions linear toolchanger

The Spectra is controlled intuitively via a 15” touch screen, which uses data from our native WinCreator software, or any third-party software where machining and all macros are defined. The Spectra can be linked to another one of our angular machining centers via identification labels which enable the drilled pieces to be scanned and processed at the next stage.

Curved Wood Window Profiling on SPECTRA 5 Axis CNC for Windows & Doors
Wood Window Sash Components Machined on Soukup America SPECTRA 5 Axis CNC

Independent CNC Working Center

The Spectra can independently achieve full machining of window and door components. It's an ideal solution for manufacturers looking for unlimited customization capacity. The machine is equipped with 4 working tables with clamps for machining up to 4 pieces at the same time. The machine is easily set to do also arches and curved work. Its innovative design enables you to shape multiple rebates depths on one piece. With this flexibility, users are able to do both fixed glazing and inward/outward openings. 

Machine configuration:

  • 8/9.5 kW main electro spindle 
  • C-axis for working aggregates
  • Multifunctional drilling head 
  • 2 horizontal milling units
  • 4 working tables with 10 pneumatic clamps
  • 12 tool position carousel toolchanger 
  • Aggregate holder
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