PONTEC CNC Multi-Functional Bridge

Soukup CNC Multi Fuctional Bridge PONTEC Prefab Offsite Construction

The multifunctional computer numerical control (CNC) bridge is designed for the machining of wood panels in an offsite construction factory. The bridge works in combination with WING butterfly and transfer tables and allows work on both sides of the panels. It brings maximum productivity, sustainable quality, and labor efficiency. The individual working units do the stapling of board sheets to the frame, formatting to the exact size, milling, and drilling of all required construction holes. All of this is a fully automatic process with maximum accuracy.

The concept of the Pontec machine is modular, variable, and fully corresponds to the requirements of the proposed technology. The plant is already in its basic configuration equipped with a milling spindle with liquid cooling, a C-axis for the use of aggregates, and a rotary tools changer magazine for 8 tools. The second unit is a Bea stapler. The machine can be extended with another milling unit with an aggregate saw unit or another stapler (nailer).

The device is supplied with an integrated extractor also suitable for gypsum fiber boards.

Soukup CNC Multi Fuctional Bridge PONTEC Prefab Offsite Construction

The robust construction corresponds to industrial use. Travel in the X-axis is by means of two synchronized servomotors with nylon belts. The Y-axis is guided in precise linear bearings with a rack and pinion drive. The milling unit is driven in the Z-axis by a servomotor with a ball screw, the stapler by a pneumatic piston.

The whole device is mounted as a part of an individually designed manufacturing line. Protective devices prevent collisions when entering the work area and stopping the machine when moving it.


All types of wooden frame panels: Wall, ceiling, roof, floor.

It's suitable for panels with wooden and gypsum fibre cladding.


Fully automatic control of the complete work cycle gradually performs all the necessary operations on the panel cladding specified in the program

Stapling of board material to a wooden frame

Perimeter formatting for

  • Cutting holes for construction fillings using a circular saw or rotary shank cutter
  • Drilling and milling of required construction holes

Machine control

Project preparation before machining - PC office

  • Loading work tasks in the form of a BTL file in the LIGNOCAM program environment
  • Simulation of machine operation with the possibility of checking data before entering the machine
  • Editing and modifying individual macro machining before entering the machine

Work on the PONTEC machine - integrated industrial PC Beckhoff with two large screen monitors; NCi control, TwinCAT 3.

  • Import and check LIGNOCAM input files
  • Editing and adjusting individual machining on the panel
  • Start the machine duty cycle
  • Checking the progress of work
  • Diagnostics of processes and machine condition
  • ON-LINE technical support from the manufacturer

Parameters according to manufactured panels

Travel length - according to the project for tables 6; 9.6 and 12.8 meters

Panel width - 3000 mm

Panel thickness - 50 - 400 mm

Work units

Milling unit

  • Power S1 - 8/9.5 kW, HSK 63 F
  • Liquid cooling
  • Spindle speed 0 - 24,000 rpm
  • 360 ° C-axis for aggregates

Automatic toolchanger with 8 positions for tools and aggregates

Tools and aggregates

  • Spiral tool ø 16 mm, HSK 63F
  • Saw unit ø 250 mm, HSK 63F with integrated extraction cover
  • Additional tools and aggregates as required

Stapler unit


  • Staple length 26-65 mm
  • Magazine capacity 1900-2000 pcs
  • Stapling speed 8-9 pcs / sec

* indicates required