Soukup America Exhibiting at Building Component Manufacturers Conference

In the lead-up to the Building Component Manufacturer's Conference on October 22-25, we're highlighting how our Flexible Equipment for your Off-Site Production. In this weekly spotlight, we'll be highlighting the versatility and value of our equipment each stage of a complete panelized building production.

Week 1: CROSSLINE Automated Material Breakout Saw

Week 2: FRAMER Pneumatic Framing Tables

Week 3: WING Hydraulic Tilt Table

Week 4: TRANSPORTER Conveyer & FINISHING LINE Storage System

Panel Transport & Storage





The Soukup TRANSPORTER specializes in material handling and the delivery of panels from assembly tables to individual Finishing Line tracks.

The structure consists of a steel welded frame, which moves along a transverse track. The panel is manually pushed into the frame and transversely moved to the designated position by an electric motor.



The Finishing Line provides a flexible finishing and storage space. Access to both sides of panels allows for value-added installations such as MEPs, windows, and more.

The carriage system allows for a single operator to maneuver panels, and each is tailor-made to meet the specific needs and storage capacity of your project.

Soukup America Panel Transportation and Storage




Week 3: WING Hydraulic Lift Table

Catch up with the full process of off-site production by checking out last week's feature on the WING heavy-duty hydraulic butterfly table.

WING Butterfly Lifting Table for Prefabricated Panel Construction
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