BCMC Product Spotlight: WING Tilt Table

Soukup America Exhibiting at Building Component Manufacturers Conference

In the lead-up to the Building Component Manufacturer's Conference on October 22-25, we're highlighting how our Flexible Equipment for your Off-Site Production. In this weekly spotlight, we'll be highlighting the versatility and value of our equipment each stage of a complete panelized building production.

Week 1: CROSSLINE Automated Material Breakout Saw

Week 2: FRAMER Pneumatic Framing Tables

Week 3: WING Hydraulic Tilt Table

Week 4: TRANSPORTER Conveyer & FINISHING LINE Storage System

WING Hydraulic Tilt Table



The Soukup WING is a robust panel turn table designed for the manufacture of wall, floor and ceiling panels. It turns panels 90⁰ or 180⁰ using a heavy duty hydraulic tilting mechanism designed for repetitive, heavy lifting.

The WING has two basic components: A fixed table and a mobile table mounted on tracks. Both work tables and the hydraulic tilting mechanism can be controlled by a single operator via an electronically regulated control system. The working area comes standard with steel rollers for an easy transfer of finished panels onto following workstations.

• Improved Productivity:  Panels can be turned 90⁰ or 180⁰ by a single operator, with a cycle time which enables quicker throughput while maintaining safety compared to manual lifting or overhead crane manipulation.

• Value Adding Station: The WING can act as an installation station for insulation or MEP components, enabling your framing team to work on both sides of the panel for complete closed-wall sections.

• Integrated Workflow: Panels are easily transferred to our Transporter and Finishing Line to form the core of prefabrication operations of all sizes.

Off-Site Building Production Step 3: Panel Lifting



See the WING in Action

Week 2: FRAMER Pneumatic Framing Tables

Catch up with the full process of off-site production from the start by checking out last week's feature on the FRAMER series of flexible, customizable framing tables.

FRAMER PROFI Customizable Framing & Assembly Table for Wall Panel Construction


Our spotlight series concludes with these innovative, customizable solutions which both store panels efficently and enable access for value-added installation.

FINISHING LING Customizable Vertical Storage & Value-Added Workstation for Wall Panels
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