Year-End Pricing Available on Soukup Frame Press

Soukup America Press Special Pricing

From now until the end of 2019, we are offering special year-end pricing on our FP32.21 Frame Press. These presses have earned a reputation for durability, customization, and ease of use at window & door productions across Europe and North America.

Special Pricing - Financing Available

During this event, the FP32.21 is available for special pricing. Delivery on all orders will be scheduled for early 2020.


About the FP32.21

FP Series Hydraulic Frame Press for Window and Door Clamping

The FP Frame Press Series is specially designed for gluing door and window frames.

Each press features an electrically operated hydraulic system with three vertical and two lateral clamping pistons. The design of vertical beams enables them to get far closer to one another than most available frame presses, and enables very small frames to be clamped properly.

The vertical clamping pistons feature locking pins and an internal counterweight mechanism for easy movement and adjustment of the clamping units. The middle vertical clamping unit is equipped with an on/off valve for maximum flexibility and functionality.

The vertical clamps can be fitted with optional swiveling plates for clamping beveled frames and a front thrust for edge-glued panels and laminating scantlings.


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