Win/Door Machines: Duratherm Window

When we started working with Duratherm Window Corporation, we were excited about the opportunity to work with one of North America's foremost producers of windows and doors, with a reputation for uncompromising quality and precision. We viewed the high standards and performance of Duratherm's renowned windows as an opportunity to demonstrate the full potential for customization and detail that a Wizard 4L and Drillex CNC machining center can achieve. Our mission was clear: enable Duratherm to produce to their exacting standards on a larger scale than ever before, while simplifying and speeding the production process.

The new features of our WinCreator software enable the operator to pre-program all of the operations of the complex process- cross cutting, profiling and tenoning, drilling and mortising. Whether Duratherm is producing the tried and true styles it has made for 70 years or is utilizing our CNC's flexibility to design and build new windows, Duratherm will be able to control every element of the design, down to the smallest details. The synergy created by computer control of both machines will save Duratherm many man-hours of labor every year. Best of all, the level of computer-controlled precision will ensure processing is handled perfectly, each and every sash.

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