Todi & Boys Ltd

Having extensively researched the machinery market, Todi & Boys found various options but none that could be supplied from one manufacturer – or indeed anyone who knew how to produce UK windows and doors!

Todi & Boys was delighted and impressed with IWM & Soukup Machinery’s project approach of supplying window machinery dedicated
to the UK window market complete with Soukup Wincreator software and Soukup tooling designed to effectively manufacture UK casement and sliding sash windows as well as door and joinery requirements with its knock-down component production methodology.
This unique approach revolutionised Todi & Boys’ production. The new installations meant it was able to achieve business ambitions and objectives using the following machines:

• Soukup CNC window center, model Crafter, a Soukup CNC automatic crosscut, model Crossline 500
• Soukup CNC milling and drilling machine, model Versa DM
• Soukup five-head moulding machine, model GS 5
• Soukup hydraulic frame and sash cramp, model FP 32:21.

All the CNC machines are linked to the Soukup Wincreator software, so all production orders are sent from the office direct to each machine, such as the Soukup crosscut, model Crossline 500, coupled with a label printer which prints all customers’ order details attached to the components throughout the production process on the Soukup Crafter CNC window center and Soukup milling and drilling, model Versa completing the process for hinges, handles, triple vents etc – all from one Soukup Wincreator software.

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