Bohemia Lignum

In their newly opened facility, which was built on the site of their original facility in Dalovice, they have installed machining technology for the knock-down system of producing wooden windows. Besides the WIZARD DRILLEX main line they use a machining center WIZARD 4L, supplemented by a separate boring machine DRILLEX. Such arrangement enables efficient distribution of the machinery products to individual machines. In addition to the main production of euro-windows on the line Wizard Drillex, they are also able to produce heritage box windows or doors on other machines that would otherwise slow down the main production process.

As the first one in the Czech Republic the company has used the technology of automatically finishing with a flow coating line and robotic workstation for spraying. Technology in the condensate drainage tunnel LPD provides optimal conditions during drying of the sprayed coating.


video: Technology SOUKUP in Bohemia Lignum

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