Motorized Vertical Panel Transporter for Semi Automated Off-Site Building Production

Series: Motorized Carriage, WING, Manual Mobile

Motorized Carriage

  • Eliminates need for overhead crane manipulation, optimizing space, increasing safety, and improving your panel construction production flow.
  • Panel storage rack dimensions customizable to match the spec of your wall, floor, and ceiling panels.
  • Enables a single worker to rapidly move panels up to 2000kg as part of a lean offsite construction operation.
  • The Soukup TRANSPORTER specializes in material handling and the delivery of panels from assembly tables to individual Finishing Line tracks.

  • The structure consists of a steel welded frame, which moves along a transverse track. The panel is manually pushed into the frame and transversely moved to the designated position by an electric motor.


  • Combines motorized moving and tilting capabilities into a single station.

Transporter-MTSA Manual Cart

  • Delivers flexible and efficient panel manipulation where a track system is not accessible or motorized movement is not required. Available in 3 sizes for 1, 3, 6 panels at a time. Ideal for panels under 20’ in length, custom options available upon request.

Transporter for variable height panels

TRANSPORTER Motorized Vertical Panel Transporter for Semi Automated Prefabricated Building Production

Technical Specifications & Product Benefits

  • Working length 6m - 9m - 12m

  • Motorised movement along transverse tracks 

  • Smooth electronically controlled feed rate control

  • Control panel is relocatable

  • Load capacity 2000 kg

  • Travel speed 12 m/min

Roller Tracks on TRANSPORTER Motorized Vertical Panel Transporter for Semi Automated Production

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