The Soukup WING is a robust panel turn table designed for the manufacture of wall, floor and ceiling panels. It turns panels 90⁰ or 180⁰ using a heavy duty hydraulic tilting mechanism designed for repetitive, heavy lifting.


The WING has two basic components: a fixed table and a mobile table mounted on tracks. Both work tables and the hydraulic tilting mechanism can be controlled by a single operator via an electronically regulated control system. The working area comes standard with steel rollers for an easy transfer of finished panels onto following workstations.

Safety is assured by pressure-adjustable pneumatic locking clamps which hold the panels against the table securely as they move. The firm pneumatic clamps can even double up in function and allow the work station to be used as a framing table to optimize your investment and floor space.


• Improved Productivity:  Panels can be turned 90⁰ or 180⁰ by a single operator, with a cycle time which enables quicker throughput while maintaining safety.

• Value Adding Station: The WING can act as an installation station for mechanical, electrical, plumbing or insulation components.

• Integrated Workflow: Panels are easily transferred to our Transporter and Finishing Line to form the core of prefabrication operations of all sizes.


Technical Specifications and System Benefits

Cycle time: 180⁰ turns in just 90 seconds

Working lengths: Available in standard 6m - 9m - 12m. We are always willing to work with clients on custom dimensions.

Built to Perform – Heavy panel weight capacity- 1 ton per 6m length


Robust construction for heavy industrial use. Our tables are capable of performing hundreds of thousands of cycles every year without dimishing in capability.

Flexibility: The WING is compact and can double up in function and allow the work station to be used as a framing table to optimize your investment and floor space.

Optional: Custom lengths and widths available to suit your production needs

Optional: Motorized steel belt conveyor system for optimized panel movement

Accessories available for irregular panels shapes

1 - moving the tables together
2 - tilting the work tables
3 - closing the tables and transferring the panel to the second table
4 - opening the tables and moving the mobile table to its working position


5 - horizontal movement of panels

  • Increased work space between tables up to a 1600 mm gap
  • Significant improvement in work ergonomics on opposite tables
  • The possibility to move panels with large thicknesses of construction - 100 to 600 mm

Independent lifting of tables - optional

The control panel can easily select the mode:

  • 2 x separately controlled table sets for panel length up to 6 m speeding up short panel production
  • 1 x synchronized Workplace for panel length up to 13 m

Videos from our customers' production:

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