The Soukup WING is a robust panel turn table designed for the manufacture of wall, floor and ceiling panels.

 It enables a complete frame to be fixed using adjustable pneumatic clamps. The frame is then covered  and then using the tilting mechanism it is moved to the opposite working table. On the opposite working table the frame construction is finished with insulation filling, cabling and a second cover layer. The mobile working table moves by means of hydraulic rollers and so is easily operable by one person. Panels can be turned 90⁰ or 180⁰ by one operator through the aid of pneumatic locking clamps and hydraulic rollers. Sheathed panels can be turned for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations, or, to be loaded on to the Soukup Transporter.


  • Robust design for heavy industrial use.
  • Laser machined steel profiles
  • High productivity - 180⁰ turns in just 90 seconds
  • Can be set up in low height production halls
  • Efficient turning process without the need for Crane handling
  • Accessories available for atypical panels
  • Pop up rollers, conveyors and other options available to suit your needs

1 - moving the tables together
2 - tilting the work tables
3 - closing the tables and transferring the panel to the second table
4 - opening the tables and moving the mobile table to its working position


5 - horizontal movement of panels

  • Increased work space between tables up to a 1600 mm gap
  • Significant improvement in work ergonomics on opposite tables
  • The possibility to move panels with large thicknesses of construction - 100 to 600 mm

Independent lifting of tables - optional

The control panel can easily select the mode:

  • 2 x separately controlled table sets for panel length up to 6 m speeding up short panel production
  • 1 x synchronized Workplace for panel length up to 13 m

Videos from our custemers production:

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