CROSSLINE 650 Automatic Crosscut Saw for Angled Lumber Breakout

Crossline 650 Automatic Crosscut Saw for Lumber Breakout
  • Powerful cross cutting of wall panel, roof, and floor panel components for standard 2x framing lumber dimensions.

  • Features powerful onboard cutlist software and compatible with all leading 3D design software.

  • ø650 mm sawblade enabled for angled cuts of up to ± 70°.



This robust saw is fed via a servo driven electronic loading pusher, and a static unloading table. Equipped with scanners, lumber is automatically detected as it is pushed into the machine.

The machine can work in manual mode or work automatically using data from WinCreator or any major third party software.

High cutting accuracy is guaranteed through the use of two upper and two side pneumatic clamps that secure the work piece. After the material is positioned, clamped and saw angle set, the saw blade automatically rises to cut the work piece. After cutting, material is then released and pushed out to the outfeed table.

Optional Label printers are available to automatically label elements for easy identification.

Interior of CROSSLINE 650 Automatic Crosscut Saw



Saw Unit

  • Saw blade ø650 mm
  • Motor 7.5 kW (10 HP)
  • Cutting tolerance ±0.5 mm/m
  • Turntable rotation 20°-160°

  • Saw blade lifting speed regulation

  • Upper and side pneumatic clamps with individual pressure regulation

  • cut tolerance ±0.5 mm/bm

  • Feed speed (0-60 m/min)

  • Automatic material measuring

  • Soundproof design dust extraction outlet ø120 mm + ø100 mm


Machine Control

  • Control board with 10" touch screen
  • Industrial PC Beckhoff in Windows CE environment
  • Manual cutting list
  • Automatic workflow of optimized batches

Cutting diagram for Crossline 500                                                Cutting diagram for Crossline 650 and 650 G

Sawblade Cutting Diagram for CROSSLINE Automatic Crosscut Saw Series 500, 650, 650G

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