Overhead Conveyor

For hanging finished frames, can be integrated with assembly areas.

Hanging Finished Frames

This overhead conveyor is made from C-profile 400-sectio, steel and is manually operated. Users also have the option to automate it with the addition of a POWER+FREE drive. The conveyor is attached to a suitable overhead structure, which can be a steel girder frame (as shown above), wooden beams, bolted directly to the ceiling in some cases. Suspension hooks are rotatable.

Overhead Conveyor

     Switch                                                  Turning switch                                        Switch system

Tailor made project of a finishing line

Turn-key project for finishing respecting the volume of finished windows, used painting system and local enviroment. We will work with you closely to determine the most efficient and cost-effective conveyer system for your plant layout.

3D Finishing Line

Layout of the finishing room at a client shop.

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