Hydraulic Frame Press FP Series

FP Series

A frame press for gluing rectangular frames with three vertical clamps and a lateral clamp with two pistons. In the basic version the press is equipped with a common pressurising hand pump. The design of the vertical clamps enables them to mate closely thus permitting the clamping of very small frames. The vertical clamps can be fitted with locking pins and swivelling plates for clamping of bevelled frames and with counterweights for easier clamping.

FP 25.18 (2500x1800mm)
FP 32.21 (3200x2100mm)
FP 40.26 (4000x2600mm)

  • hydraulic clamping pistons (2000kg, 150mm stroke)
  • 3 vertical clamps each with 1 piston (middle clamping piston fitted with a valve)
  • 1 lateral clamp with 2 pistons
  • common manual pressurising pump


  • common electrically powered pressurising pump
  • complete vertical clamp with a hydraulic cylinder for a central pump
  • swivelling plate for bevelled frames
  • self-locking pin for vertical clamps
  • counterweights for easier handling
  • front thrust for edge glued panels and laminating scantlings


The  FP-S series frame press is electrically operated and in the fully equipped version it offers clamping of straight or bevelled frames.

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