FP Series Upgrades Make 2020 Debut

FP32.21 Hydraulic Frame Press for Window and Door Clamping

We have incorporated four of the most-requested features for door & window frame presses into the 2020 models of our FP series frame presses. Before we ever made our own equipment, we were joiners, and we pay careful attention when our clients suggest features they want in a press. Our FP clamps are one of our best-loved products for their power, durability, and ease of use, and we're on a mission to make them even better. Below are some of the key new features we're excited to debut for our 2020 model:

Expanded Counterweighting System

Our clients appreciate the ease of use and time saved which our counterweighted pressure heads provide. This feature makes it easy for a single operator to quickly reposition pressure elements on the fly, working ergonomically and without slowing down production. We've strengthened our commitment to ease of use and safety in our 2020 model, adding counterweight functionality to the topmost horizontal pressure unit in addition to the vertical cylinders. 

Press Swivel Shoes for Angled & Arched Frames on FP Series Hydraulic Press for Window and Door Clamping

Threaded Mounting Options are Here

Magnetic Shoes on FP Series Hydraulic Frame Press for Window and Door Clamping

We're strengthening our 2020 models with threaded accessory mounts which enable new functionality for specialty jobs. Angled press shoes which can swivel up to 45° and counterprofiled magnetic shoes for pre-squared frames are just some of the new options this new development can unlock. As your production grows and you take on new jobs, your press can take on advanced challenges like sharp angles and delicate frames.

Vertical Spring-Release System

Over time, the little things can make a big difference. We're strengthening our attention to detail with spring-release functionality on the vertical pressure units of our next-generation 2020 presses. For the operator, this translates to an improved experience which sustains that smooth release process and keeps your clamp working fluidly even under heavy daily use.

Spring Release System on Soukup America FP Clamp

Upgraded Pressure Gauge System

Soukup FP Series Clamp features separate gauges for lateral and vertical pressure.

New for 2020, each press features individual Pressure gauges for the horizontal and vertical pressure elements. Separate gauges enable a new level of precision, and means you always have complete visibility on your pressure levels.

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