About Us

Soukup America is a machinery company dedicated to two distinct specializations: Production Machinery for Windows and Doors, and Flexible Equipment for Your Off-Site Production.

We were founded by career joiners with over 25 years of experience in building beautiful, custom windows and doors. Because we are first and foremost craftsmen, we never lose sight of the details that separate a true quality piece from the rest, whether we're designing a new framing line, or working with a client to optimize their production of windows and doors. It's why everything we build is "Inspired by Craftsmanship"- we build machinery and equipment to enhance the creativity and ability of our clients, rather than trying to replace it.

Because our whole team are window and door veterans, we dig into the entire process of production. When you work with us, you can expect in-depth planning and project management that takes every relevant factor in your build process into account. Because we take the long view, we build and design equipment for each step in the joinery process, from material handling, to drilling and machining, to finishing and assembly.

Our attention to detail and personalized service doesn't end after we travel to your shop to commission your new equipment. Soukup America is a long-term partner for our clients, providing detailed service and support on everything we supply. This includes everything from spare parts to programming and operating parameters. It's why so many of our clients choose to continue to work with again us for their next upgrades and expansions, and it's what we're most proud of as a company.

About Us
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