The correct choice of the window machinery and proper preparation of the window design in cooperation with a tool manufacturer is the basic factor of future production success. Our team with technical knowledge and long-time practical experience can offer tailor made solutions for your business.

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A new set of tools for European window IV68


Assembly tools for windows IV68 based on the starting set IV78-92, and is optimized for tenoning (or doweling) with easy adjustability without any disassembly of tooling sets. The design of internal and external profiles allows knock down method of production and also traditional procedure. Types of tenons are ready for the combination opening sashes and fixed glazing in one frame and a special profiling of the inside of the frame, then neat fixed glazing directly into the frame.

The tools are intended for tenoning and profiling machines, as well as the spindle moulders; CNC tool then the machining by CNC routers.



Technical features


  • Glazing rebate 21x22 mm using isulation tape or directly siliconed.
  • Hardware rebate for keeps 30x12 mm (optional 24 mm. Hardware axis is 13 mm .
  • Internal overlap of height 20 mm to prevent infiltration of interior moisture into the window profile room.
  • Use two identical gaskets 5x12 mm for interior and central rebate and sealing of slave profile by flag seal with endcaps. 
  • Ventilation holes of glazing space are drilled after machining

For further information and detailed drawings please contact us.

ZUANI, manufacturer of high precision tooling presents the NaDia diamond coated insert carbide knives. This nanotechnology process developed with the University of Trento and the FBK Bruno Kessler Foundation increases up to 300 % performance and brings unbelievable cutting features.
  • smooth surface of knives
  • low friction
  • high hardness
  • anti-gripping effect
This means a higher performance and less time for maintenance in the workshop.
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