The most important references of windows production

Over the last 20 years we have equipped more than fifty window manufactures with our machines or tools. Some of them have become our stable partners for a long time.

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Sanderson Brothers

Particularly the sliding windows due to their sofistication and diversity have  never been produced by the knock-down system. The machining center WIZARD 4L with its software WinCreator for the preparation of orders and the tool system ZUANI surprised in their complexity the company owner Ian Sanderson. Employees of the company have quickly got used to the new way of production and use the machine's capacity to be able to dedicate more time to special products that customers demand from them.


Sanderson brothers have extended their premises this year as they needed more space for a show-room and offices. This created conditions for a new workplace for the preparation of the material. In the new premises there is an automatic cross-cut saw Crossline 500 and a new filter for central extraction. The main production hall has more space now for better organization of production and assembly of complex contracts.




Almost all our customers make the window manufacturing using the latest knock-down technology with a professional software.



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