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VASSALBORO, Maine - Duratherm Window Corporation, a nationally respected custom hardwood window and door manufacturer, has announced a major upgrade in its continuing program of bringing the highest-quality production technology to its shop floor. This milestone highlights the growing demand for high-performance wooden fenestration across the country. Soukup America, and Rangate Inc., who designed the machines and tooling on this installation, share Duratherm's conviction that creating windows and doors that perform better, last longer, and look beautiful is not only a business model; it is a responsibility as craftsmen.

"Architects and builders have begun to realize solid wood is the superior choice", said Jaroslav Soukup, partner in Soukup America and Managing Director of Soukup s.r.o. "Wood fenestration built with technology and craftsmanship creates a more comfortable interior, reduces energy costs, and it gives the architect the opportunity to make windows and doors both beautiful and functional." As an expert joiner and the designer of Soukup America's machinery, he has seen the US wooden window market grow from a niche industry to a growth sector.

Yet as the wood window market grows, producers face a conundrum- the demand is for a custom-made, artisanal product with a look and feel of its own. How can the production of a bespoke good be scaled up without losing its unique character? While technology can augment and enable craftsmanship, it can never replace it. Duratherm's solution was to select Soukup America CNC machinery, which enabled its engineering team's creativity rather than stifling it. Duratherm President Tim Downing observed, "The technology of the Soukup machining centers represents a new technology that puts precision craftsmanship first and foremost, because the technology was developed by craftsmen.”

Duratherm's Wizard 4LDuratherm's new Wizard 4L/Drillex machining center ensures the tight joints and beautifully customized profile work Duratherm is known for will stay the core of the business. Quality is assured via highly engineered software control of every detail- the options for customizing profiles and joints are only limited by the design team's imagination. Adding a Drillex CNC drilling machine assures precision drilling, which frees up Duratherm's skilled craftsmen from one of the most time-consuming processes in the production. Through this use of CNC technology, Duratherm's newest window styles can be built with the same precision as their tried and true product lines.

Equally important as the machines is how they are selected and installed. This is where truly conscious manufacturers differentiate themselves- proven industry knowledge and a properly planned shop flow are the secret ingredients in the recipe for success. Chris Chan, Project Manager of Soukup America, agrees:

"Soukup America's business is not just procuring machines; it's enabling craftsmanship and high capacity production to co-exist in any given fenestration shop. It's about making sure that new equipment makes life easier for the craftsmen in the shop. And that only happens when the installation is the result of collaborative planning and dedicated management."

JaroslavSoukup on-site at Duratherm with president Timothy DowningAfter reviewing production goals, existing resources, and the business plan, Duratherm and Soukup America worked together to finalize new shop flows that integrated the new purchases seamlessly into the existing production. Soukup America's approach features a dedicated Project Manager to ensure each milestone proceeds according to plan. To keep a machinery project on schedule and budget, details are always the difference. They may not hear about it, but consumers will see this attention to detail in the finished product.

The result is an upgrade enabling the company to meet the burgeoning demand for its windows and doors for years to come, while upholding the uncompromising standards of quality and craftsmanship it has built its reputation on. For observers looking into the best practices to create or augment a window production, it's a case study worth a closer look.

Group photo with the Duratherm and Soukup America teams

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Soukup America Inc. is a leading producer of CNC machines and equipment specially designed for wood window and door production. It's the only machinery company to build designs created by a master joiner to specifically improve the crafting process over traditional window machines. Combining European expertise in high performance with a full understanding of North American styles and technique, the company offers the best of both worlds in production designs to its clients. Soukup America regards project planning, shop planning, and management as the key factors in the success of any installation, and works extensively with each client before, during, and after each installation to ensure every detail is handled correctly. To contact Soukup America, email or call 855-476-8587.



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