CRAFTER CNC Machining Center

The compact window machining center features two computer-controlled tool shafts- one for tenoning, and one for profiling. The operator stays in front of the machine, and controls the machining process. The Crafter was designed with the philosophy that machinery should enhance the creativity and control of the operator, rather than replacing it.

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The CRAFTER CNC Machining Center is designed specifically for medium-sized window and door production shops looking to scale up their production volumes, while retaining the flexibility and precision needed to craft small-to-medium runs of highly customized, high performance windows and doors.



The Crafter's easy 15" touchscreen interface makes it intuitive to control and operate. The machine's capacity is about 15-20 one-leaf casements, 30-40 single sashes or 8-12 complete sliding sash windows.





Soukup America Crafter Machining Center

The sliding sash operation:

  • open tenons and slots
  • milling of horns in different moulds
  • adapting of meeting rail slots to parting bead
  • profiling of traditional bevelled meeting rails
  • outside profiling and grooving for cord, gasket or balance springs
  • Mortising of sash stiles is made off-line


The sliding box operation


  • profiling of divided cill in part
  • notching of cill part for interior lining bead
  • trenching of slot in cill and head for pulley stiles
  • cutting operation for moulded pulley stiles, lining beads, cill extension
  • tenoning and profiling of box parts intended for balance springs
  • Lining beads, pulley stiles, head and sill extension are shaped off-line











Casement operation


  • recovering of glazing beads and sticking bars from frame rebate
  • tenoning and profiling of frames
  • tenoning and profiling of casements with shorted rails tenon for stormproofing
  • tenoning and profiling of casements with fully machining of components without stormproofing

(flush, stormproof & high performance windows)



Configuration of the machine:



Our experience as joiners specializing in windows and doors shows up in the details. Soukup has engineered a solution which doesn’t require an anti-splitting spindle jumping on the corner. The cross wood is milled out during the double cycle of tenoning. This elegant solution solves the common problem of tearout on the exterior while profiling. Traditionally, small sashes have trouble staying stable during milling with heavy tools, leading to inconsistencies and inferior performance- Soukup's engineering has solved this problem.




Horn unit on the tenoning side of the Crafter    


Technical data:


- useful length / stroke
- motor

HP (kW)

320 / 300
12 (9.2)
- tilting of the fence
- processing speed


- diameter
- motor

HP (kW)

4 (3)
- length / stroke
- motor

HP (kW)

320 / 300
10 (7.5)
- max. tool diameter
- motor

HP (kW)

3 (2.2)
- number of wheels


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Our team has been producing and developing machines since 1996. Jaroslav Soukup, our founder and chief designer, has been designing machinery specifically for windows and doors for over 20 years. From the beginning, we've focused on small to intermediate-sized window and door productions, and producing comprehensive solutions, specifically tailored to their business needs.

Small-Sized Joinery Shops

Our TEMAC tenoning machine in tandem with your existing shaper machine creates the basis for the production of bespoke windows and doors.

Medium-Sized Production Shops

The CRAFTER machining center, together with our VERSA milling and drilling machine, linked together via WinCreator software, is an ideal solution for the for the manufacture of tilt&turn windows.

Large-Sized Production Shops (Daily Production Volume 25-30 Windows)

Our WIZARD large CNC Machining center for high-volume knockdown producton, combined with our DRILLEX CNC drilling and milling machine is intended for the serial production of windows and doors. The device can supplement automatic cross-cut saw CROSSLINE W and ARCUS for efficient manufacturing of curved components. The whole system is controlled by WinCreator or by a third-party software.

Individual production on CNC machines

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 Wood Window Design Brochure

Soukup America is a part of a group of companies which work together to provide complete solutions for window and door shops- from developing windows, to engineering machine and tool solutions, being present for machine integration, and ongoing project support.

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