Dry spraying box for removal of over-spraying from working area, equipped with outside cardboard and inside textile filter, destined for the first grade of cleaning solids and partial filtration of gasses. The box designed in this way is suitable for water-based paint.

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The assembly is equipped with a pneumatic control of suction and air-compensation that is regulated during additional operations and manipulation. When the service doesn´t spray, the spray gun is hung on a stand and this decreases the suction of the wall to 1/3.

Dry spraying box is mounted into the floor pit with a travelling grate in size 3 000 x 2 000 mm. The floor pit is possible to replace with wood or metal grate.



The assembly for air-compensation is used for bringing and warming-up of suctioned air and creating a slight overpressure in a paint shop.


Unit for warming-up of air ZLG is connected to the heating system. It is dimensioned by output for warming-up of suctioned air at temperature difference -15° +22°C.




Humifidifier units Airfog Compact work on a principle of ejection of water fog by the compressed air. The advantage of this system is high efficiency and variability. Self-cleaning jets can work with drinking or demineralised water. Output of the humifidifier 7 - 12 kg/hour. The units are placed in the area with freshly sprayed parts.

Technology of finishing follows the perfect machining. We are ready to prepare optimal proposal, fully respecting your needs.

Custom products for dipping, impregnation, hand flow coating supplemented by air-conditioning equipment for a quality finish with regard to living and working environment.

We carry out conceptions for technology in cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers of painting system - Sikkens, Adler, Remmers, Glasurit, Gori, etc.

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