Hydraulic frame press FP Series

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A frame clamp for gluing rectangular frames with vertical beams and the lateral beam with two cylinders. In the basic version the press is equipped with a central hand pump. The design of vertical beams enables to get closer to one another and allows gluing of very small frames. The vertical beams can be completed with locking pins and swivelling plates for clamping of bevelled frames and with counterweights for easier handling with pistons.



FP 25.18 (2500x1800 mm)
FP 32.21 (3200x2100 mm)
FP 40.26 (4000x2600 mm)


  • hydraulic cylinders (2000 kg, 150 mm stroke)
  • 3 vertical beams with 1 piston (middle beam with a valve)
  • 1 lateral clamping unit with 2 pistons
  • central manual pump

central electrically operated pump
complete vertical beam with a hydraulic cylinder for a central pump
swivelling plate for slated frames
self-locking pin for a vertical beam
counterweights for easier handling
front thrust for edge glued panels and laminating scantlings


The frame press FP-S series is electrically operated and in the fully equipped version it offers clamping of straight or slanted frames.

catalogue GP-FP Series

The company SOUKUP and BALINEK have choosen the partnership in developing and manufacturing of wide range of the machines for wood gluing as are frame presses, turnstile presses, technologies of longitude adjusting and technologies for constructive prism.

Machinery are suitable not only to small joiner workshops, but also to middle and big plants for windows, doors, europrisms, corpus, furniture battenboard gluing or for complete production of Timber structures, Finger jounted structural timber, Glued laminated timber (KVH, BSH, Duo- and Trio- Balken). Balinek company also supplies plate presses for area materials gluing and manual or automatic gluing machines, that effectively support the wood pressing.

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