Vertical stand for assembling, adjustment and testing of windows. The stand is equipped with one fixed shoulder and one movable shoulder with pneumatic piston. The fixed shoulder can be opened to allow an easy unloading to storage conveyor. Whole frame can rise up to 500 mm for comfortable working position.

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  • inserting hinges and hardware keeps in frame
  • mounting of aluminium weatherbar or door thresholds
  • completing sashes with frame and testing of the hardware functionality
  • vertical glazing , beading and sealing 



Technical data:

  • working field  2600 x 2200H mm 
  • easy operating
  • vertical stroke 500 mm 
  • left (or right) opening shoulder for access to the storage conveyor


Vertical storage conveyor 

modular conveyor to complete the assembling and glazing  line


  • length 2000 mm
  • width 200 mm
  • height 1800 mm



Equipment for assembly is one of the tools how to increase efficiency of the windows production. Our experience is that manufacturers of wooden windows are focused on machinery and tooling first, and the assembly area is still in the spirit of the joinery workshop. However, it is very important for the effective organization.

We have prepared for the assembling and transport several devices, on the one hand improving the organization of production and on the other hand, making manipulation with window frames easier in the application of seals, fittings, glazing and silicone. In the design, we have focused on simplicity and effectiveness.

We believe that investment in this equipment returns very quickly.

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