Assembling table is designed for cutting and mounting whole-perimeter hardware and cutting of glazing beads. There are fitted pneumatic scissors in the table and a hand mitre saw with its own suction which is suitable for bead exact cutting. There are containers graded in depth for long parts of fittings in the table and on the table there are pockets for small parts of fittings and wood screws.

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By putting window on the left hand side of the skew working surface we measure outside window size with a slider and we fix length of whole-perimeter hardware and cut it. Skew working surface enables screwdriver on the fittings in ergonomic position. We use aku-screwdriver or automatic screwdriver (optional) with a screw container. On the right hand side of the table which is in a horizontal position we measure "inner light" of the sash with a slider. The distance is transferred to a mobile stop and then we can cut a bead with a precision mitre saw.





Measuring and exact cutting of beads by mitre saw





Measuring of the hardware lenght and cutting on size (for punching machine ask your hardware suplier)



Automatic screwdriwer with container (optional)

Equipment for assembly is one of the tools how to increase efficiency of the windows production. Our experience is that manufacturers of wooden windows are focused on machinery and tooling first, and the assembly area is still in the spirit of the joinery workshop. However, it is very important for the effective organization.

We have prepared for the assembling and transport several devices, on the one hand improving the organization of production and on the other hand, making manipulation with window frames easier in the application of seals, fittings, glazing and silicone. In the design, we have focused on simplicity and effectiveness.

We believe that investment in this equipment returns very quickly.

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