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Cross cut saw

Cross cut saw specially designed for window manufacturing, cutting timber in pairs linked to the WinCreator control software






Fourside moulders

Fourside moulders are optimized for windows and doors especially suitable for planing with cutting a glazing bead and its profiling








Frame presses hydraulic or pneumatic designed for manufacturers of windows, which take into account not only cramping of frames, but also fully moulded window components. Special presses for arches or for the production of engineered timber complete the whole technology of windows.





Drilling and milling machines

Special machines for drilling and milling of windows and doors components











Finishing of windows

Finishing by dipping and spraying with the drying and transport system is one of the basic technologies of windows. The equipment is designed individually according to the desired capacity and according to space possibility of our client.










Assembling and glazing of windows

For efficient production are important facilities for assembling, fitting, glazing and checks before shipment. The equipment is designed according to the production capacity and in particular the type manufactured windows and doors.











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Soukup America at Window Production Open House and Symposium

This autumn, we were delighted to be invited to the North American Wood Window and Door Symposium to present on the knock-down system of window production, and to share our experience in optimizing window manufacturing for higher volume production. We were joined by our good friend from Zuani s.r.l. for an afternoon of knowledge sharing.

The very enjoyable part of our trip was the Rangate Open House at Madison College. Our first love has always been joinery, so demonstrating high performance window machining live at the College's wood shop was like second nature. 



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Tmber Frame Houses Manufacturing

Installation of industrial line for timber frame houses manufacturing in Czech company DOMY D.N.E.S. composed from automatic cross cut saw CROSSLINE and assembling line with butterfly table WING.
You can see updated video from the panel production.


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