Butterfly table WING for prefabricated panels

WING butterfly table is designed for producing of wooden prefabricated panels for walls, floors, ceiling, front gable walls. The timber frame construction is assembled on first table to be clamped by pneumatic pistons. The moveable pin stops are positioned for walls 2 000 – 3000 mm. The gable walls of wider panels are clamped on lateral structured bars with extension allowing width up to 3800 mm with pistons on swivelling plates. As soon as the panel of covered from one side by plywood or other material it is flipped over to the opposite table. Here is the panel completed with isolation, electro installation and piping and finally stapled by second cover.

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Construction of the table is made of robust steel profiles bent and structured elements. Structure lateral bars are drilled at regular distance to insert mechanical stops and pneumatic pistons when frame is clamped. Flipping over of tables is provided by robust hydraulic system with hydraulic cylinders with D = 80 with 50 mm rods to an angle of 0-95 °.The turning of the building element is done with a controlled automatic process. 


Butterfly table WING 6000-2 consists of two synchronized tables on each side for panel production up to 13 meters length. Two secondary tables are equipped with pneumatic device to shift the tables and create enough space for operators working between tables.







Butterfly table WING 6 meters

Assembling and finishing line with WING table.

Continuos assembling line FRAMER LINE with WING table with motorized rollers and connection to finishing line with storage.



Our team of experts has been building assembling lines since 2009. We are focused since beginning on efficient manufacturing of prefabricated panels. Our lines are working in several companies where we designed customized equipment.

The timber frame house manufacturer will achieve with tailor made plants required flexibility and performance.

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