Automatic cross cut saw CROSSLINE 650

Automatic cross cut saw with turning table for frame house building and gang nail roof construction.

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Machine with special clamping loading arm is not limited by timber length. Heavy saw unit is designed for straight, slanted or combined saw operation. The machine is composed from industrial turning table saw, loading unit with clamping and unloading conveyor with pneumatic extractor.

The feeding system driven by rack and pinion brushless drive enables fast positioning and high accuracy.
Machine can be equipped with bottom grooving unit for milling of seats for frame jambs making frame assembly easier.
Control system from Beckhoff with touch screen 15” can optimize the BTL files from external software for house construction (Cadwork, Dietrich´s, Fine TRUSS, SEMA)
Clamping loading device
rack and pinion brushless drive with speed 0-2 m/s
Saw unit
saw blade D 650/30 mm, 2 580 RPM
motor 7,5 kW
top and side pneumatic pressures
Unloading roller conveyor with pneumatic extractor for finished pieces
The machine can be implemented in lines equipped by material handling conveyors and manipulators.

SOUKUP company prepared for the year 2012 a new cross cut saw for timber frame house builders to complete the range with assembling tables successfully produced last five years.

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