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CNC machining centre CRAFTER

The smallest window machining line comprised of CNC-controlled tenoning and profiling shafts. The machining center is controlled via a 15" touchscreen...



The window machining centre WIZARD comprises two independent machines, one tenoning and one profiling. An operator stays in front of the machine and controls the machining process. The window line Wizard is a first machine on the market using left spindle with HSK arbour for double side profiling of timber window components.


Drilling machine DRILLEX

Working centre DRILLEX is designed for drilling and milling operations. The alone standing machine can be easily linked to the WIZARD machine, where tenoned and profiled components are processed.


Machining centre WIZARD-DRILLEX

The window machining line WIZARD DRILLEX has been designed for knock-down manufacturing of fully finished window components in flow line. The window production machine is composed from three machines - tenoning, drilling and profiling.


Smart Window Manufacturing

Our industry is becoming more and more demanding- successful producers must be able to make highly customized windows for each customer, with expectations for quality and price becoming ever more competitive. The traditional joinery approach is no longer adequate, and new and smarter processing is the surest way to stay profitable in today's market. So how can a shop connect several working steps into one working process?

The solution is an integation of key machines into one working network, powered by smart software which shares data on production at every stage of the process. Soukup's WinCreator software is a power tool able to control all the vital machines in the workshop, starting with crosscutting of the material, through tenoning and profiling to milling and finishing of window and door components.



Welcome to Soukup America Inc.
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Soukup America is your source for wooden window and door machining and processing centers.
Jaroslav Soukup is first, and foremost, a joiner; with his 22+ years specifically in the European window and door production machinery business, his art in joinery, ideas and knowledge are transforming how smaller and medium size shops can best accomplish high performance fenestration fabrications through the Soukup machinery.
Now, we are pleased to present a full range of skillfully engineered and European-made machinery in North America!
Accesses to supplies, support and technical knowledge are key elements to successful productions and business; hence, Soukup America is a fully integrated company, offering North American joiners with direct access to and complete solutions in technical education and tooling supplies for high performance window and door productions through our sister companies and industry partners.
Please contact us today at or call toll-free 1-855-4-SOUKUP (1-855-476-8587) to discuss how our machinery can answer your production needs.
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